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Writing Portal

This portal covers the process, mechanics, and ethics of scholarly writing, including various citation styles. Graduate students may also want to refer to the Dissertation and Thesis Preparation Portal.

To assist you with your writing project, the Library offers free literature searches to affiliated users, as well as classes and individual training sessions on database searching and EndNote.

Academic Misconduct & Plagiarism

UT Southwestern strives to create a campus culture that promotes adherence to high ethical standards in the conduct of research and academic activities. For more information, please refer to the UT Southwestern Handbook of Operating Procedures, Chapter 2 General Administrative Policies & Procedures (Section 2.13 Misconduct or Fraud in Research, p. 71).

   Academic Dishonesty, 2001 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Academic Dishonesty: An Educator’s Guide, 2002 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Crisis on Campus: Confronting Academic Misconduct, 2002 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Ethical Issues in Biomedical Publication, 2000 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Plagiarism in Graduate Medical Education
   Plagiarism: Alchemy and Remedy in Higher Education, 2007 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Recognize and Avoid It
   Psychology of Academic Cheating, 2007 (ScienceDirect) [Electronic Book]

Electronic Books

The following is a selected list of electronic books on academic writing and English grammar. The Library has access to many additional electronic books related to writing in its eBooks on EBSCOhost collection. eBooks on EBSCOhost is searchable by full-text, title, author, keyword, and subject.

   Academic Writing and Publishing: A Practical Guide, 2008 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Academic Writing: A Practical Guide for Students, 2003 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   A-Z of Medical Writing, 2000 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Communicating Science: A Practical Guide, 2006 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Complete Idiot's Guide to Grammar and Style, 1997 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Well, 2000 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Designing and Conducting Health System Research Projects, Vol. II: Data Analysis and Report Writing, 2003 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Effective Writing for Health Professionals: A Practical Guide to Getting Published, 2004 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Field Guide for Science Writers, 2nd ed., 2006 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   From Research to Manuscript: A Guide to Scientific Writing, 2006 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Guide to Writing Empirical Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 2002 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   How to Survive Peer Review, 2002 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Last Minute Term Papers, 2002 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   McGraw-Hill's Essential ESL Grammar: A Handbook for Intermediate and Advanced ESL Students, 2008 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   MIT Guide to Science and Engineering Communication, 2002 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Outline of Scientific Writing: For Researchers with English as a Foreign Language, 1995 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Proposals That Work: A Guide for Planning Dissertations and Grant Proposals, 4th ed., 2000 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Psychologist's Companion: A Guide to Scientific Writing for Students and Researchers, 4th ed., 2003 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Publishing Your Psychology Research: A Guide to Writing for Journals in Psychology and Related Fields, 2001 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Science and Technical Writing: A Manual of Style, 2nd ed., 2001 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Scientific Writing: A Reader and Writer's Guide, 2007 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Scientific Writing: Easy When You Know How, 2002 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Scientists Must Write: A Guide to Better Writing for Scientists, Engineers and Students, 2006 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Successful Writing for Qualitative Researchers, 2nd ed., 2006 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Thesis and Dissertation Writing in a Second Language: A Handbook for Supervisors, 2007 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Writing a Biomedical Research Paper, 2009 (SpringerLink) [Electronic Book]
   Writing a Textbook: How to Establish Yourself as an Academic Author, 1997 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
   Writing Skills in Practice: A Practical Guide for Health Professionals, 2002 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]

Style Manuals

   AMA Manual of Style (Oxford University Press)
   Citing Medicine: The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, 2nd ed., 2007 (NCBI) [Electronic Book]
   IFLA Citation Guides for Electronic Resources
   International Committee of Medical Journal Editors Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Sample References
   Manual of Scientific Style: A Guide for Authors, Editors, and Researchers, 2008 (ScienceDirect) [Electronic Book]
   NCBI Style Guide [Internet], 2004 (NCBI) [Electronic Book]

Web Resources

   Advice on Academic Writing
   Common Errors in English
   Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization: A Handbook for Technical Writers and Editors
   Grant Writing Tips (NIH Office of Extramural Research)
   Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal
   Handouts - Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill
   Instructions To Authors In The Health Sciences
   Publish, Not Perish: The Art & Craft of Publishing in Scholarly Journals
   Publishing Your Research 101 (American Chemical Society)
   Retraction Watch
   Science of Scientific Writing
   Starting a Career in Science Writing
   Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals
   Using Commas
   UW-Madison Writing Center Writer's Handbook
   Who Is Citing Your Articles?
   Writing a Successful Grant Proposal (Minnesota Council on Foundations)
   Writing the Empirical Journal Article