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About Reaxys + Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry (Elsevier)
UT Southwestern Medical Center Library

  Reaxys + Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry (Elsevier)
Subjects:  *Key Resources  |  Basic Sciences  |  Biochemistry

Reaxys contains an extensive repository of experimentally validated data that chemists need, such as structures, reactions (including multi-step reactions), and physical properties and provides relevant data not found elsewhere, drawn from source publications carefully selected for their importance and relevance to synthetic chemists. The Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry component includes comprehensive pharmacokinetic, efficacy, toxicity, safety, and metabolic profiles, as well as tools for hit set assessment, including an interactive heatmap and bioactivity tables. Includes Beilstein, Gmelin, and Patent Chemistry Database content, as well as information on inorganic and organometallic substances. Provided jointly by UT Southwestern Medical Center Library and the Department of Biochemistry.

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