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Tutorials, FAQs, and Videos

AcESO: Academic Enhanced Search Option

AcESO: Academic Enhanced Search Option is the EBSCO Discovery Service for the UT Southwestern Library. Search the database system -- using both basic and advanced search options -- for all Library holdings, including electronic books, journals, full-text articles, digital images, and Institutional Repository content (i.e., theses, dissertations, academic lectures, posters, and presentations).

   Making a Reading List in D2L using UTSW Library's AcESo Curriculum Builder Tool
       What is AcESO?

Camtasia Studio & Camtasia for Mac

Paid software for screen capturing and video production. Use it to capture screen activity to make online tutorials, edit video and audio to enhance PowerPoint presentations for online video curriculum.

       Ebooks about "Camtasia" -- UTSW Library Catalog
   Techsmith Camtasia Studio Tutorials

Electronic Journals

Browsable and searchable, Ejournals A to Z alphabetically lists all biomedical, academic, and general interest ejournals licensed by UT Southwestern.

   Ejournals A to Z Tutorial (UT Southwestern)
   Library Electronic Resource Access Problems
   Using Ejournals A to Z (UT Southwestern Library)


Embase, an Ovid-based biomedical and pharmacological database, added to The Health Sciences Digital Library and Learning Center resources. Contains more than 31 million bibliographic records in peer-reviewed journals, including 2,900 unique titles not found in MEDLINE. Ovid offers a single interface to search multiple biomedical databases and full-text resources including MEDLINE and PsycINFO.

   Embase (Ovid) Field Guide
   Embase Guide | Guía de Embase (Florida International University)
   Introduction to EMBASE on Ovid (Wolters Kluwer)
   Online Tutorials for Health Science Library Resources: A Guide: EMBASE.com (Tulane University)
   Special Techniques in EMBASE on Ovid (Wolters Kluwer)


Downloadable software for bibliography management. Use it to search article databases, add citations to a personal library of references, and create and format bibliographies for papers and publications.

   EndNote Portal


For off-campus access to ejournals via the Ejournals A-Z list. Other electronic resources must be accessed from off-campus via VPN.

   Off-Campus Access to Library Resources (UT Southwestern Library)

Find it! UTSW Library

Describes methods the Library uses to link to full-text electronic journals.

   Find It! UTSW Library - UT Southwestern FAQ

InCites JCR Impact Factors

InCites™ Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) provides data that helps evaluate research journals. To help compare journals and discover which are most relevant to a user's specific need, JCR can show the most frequently cited journals, highest impact factors, and most published articles in a field, as well as subject category data for benchmarking. Includes the JCR Science Edition and JCR Social Sciences Citation Index. Select a year to begin your search for information published in that year (e.g., selecting "2015" will yield the number of articles published in journals in 2015, the number of citations to journals from articles published in 2015, etc.).

   InCites JCR Impact Factors : Quick Reference Card (Thomson Reuters)
   InCites JCR Impact Factors : Recorded Training (Thomson Reuters)

Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) is the electronic system you use to request a resource UT Southwestern Health Science Library and Learning Center does not carry or is listed in the Library Catalog or is housed offsite at the Joint Library Facility (JLF) in College Station, Texas.

   How to Request a Book or Book Chapter from Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)
   How to Request an Article from Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) (UT Southwestern)

Library Catalog

Comprehensive listing of all current UT Southwestern Health Sciences Digital Library and Learning Center holdings.

       Library Catalog FAQ


Covers the international literature on biomedicine, including the allied health fields and the biological and physical sciences, humanities, and information science as they relate to medicine and health care. Information is indexed from approximately 5,600 journals published world-wide. Produced by the National Library of Medicine.

   Answering an EBM Diagnosis Question in Ovid (UT Southwestern Library)
   Answering an EBM Etiology or Harm Question in Ovid (UT Southwestern Library)
   Answering an EBM Prognosis Question in Ovid (UT Southwestern Library)
   Answering an EBM Therapy Question in Ovid (UT Southwestern Library)
   Choosing Between Ovid MEDLINE and PubMed (UT Southwestern Library)
   How to Create an Ovid Account (UT Southwestern Library)
   MEDLINE (Ovid) Field Guide
   MEDLINE® In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations (Ovid) Field Guide
   OvidSP Fact Sheet
   OvidSP Quick Reference Card


The U.S. National Library of Medicine's database of peer-reviewed literature covers research in medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, allied health, and the preclinical sciences. Contains more than 26 million references dating back to the 1940s. Easy access to the Library's ejournals is available through a customized PubMed version, which may be accessed from the Library's home page. Off-campus access to this customized version is available through EZProxy.

   Choosing Between Ovid MEDLINE and PubMed (UT Southwestern Library)
   PubMed Medline Tutorial (NLM)
   PubMed Online Training Tutorials (NLM)

NCBI Databases

Quick links to the National Center for Biotechnology Information's literature, nucleotide, genome, sequence analysis, data mining, population, taxonomy and other databases.

   BLAST Program Selection Guide
   Gene Help: Frequently Asked Questions
   NCBI Gene
   NCBI Structure Cn3D
   NCBI Structure Cn3D Tutorial
   Webinar: A Practical Guide to NCBI BLAST (NCBI YouTube Channel)


A bibliographic database of scholarly literature in the psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences. Includes more than 3 million references from journals, books, reviews, and dissertations from the early 1800s to the present. Provided by UT Southwestern and the UT System Libraries.

   PsycINFO® Training Videos (APA PsychNET on YouTube)
   Quick Reference Guide: PsycINFO® (APA PsycNET)


Contains an extensive repository of experimentally validated data that chemists need, such as structures, reactions (including multi-step reactions), and physical properties. Provides relevant data not found elsewhere, drawn from source publications carefully selected for their importance and relevance to synthetic chemists. Includes Beilstein, Gmelin, and Patent Chemistry Database content, as well as information on inorganic and organometallic substances. Provided jointly by UT Southwestern Medical Center Library and the Department of Biochemistry.

   Reaxys Technical Information
   Reaxys Training Center


Contains full-text journals in the life, physical, medical, technical, and social sciences. Also contains abstracts from non-Elsevier core journals in the major scientific disciplines and the ability to link directly to full-text articles licensed through other science, technology, and medicine publishers. Includes Scirus, a Web search engine that focuses on scientific content only and searches both Web and proprietary databases for information that complements ScienceDirect content. Provided by UT Southwestern and the UT System Libraries.

   ScienceDirect User Guides and Tutorials


Provides graphical access to Chemical Abstracts Service and MEDLINE. Covers the full spectrum of chemical and biomedical information, including biochemistry, organic/inorganic chemistry, and chemical engineering/applied chemistry. Substructure and reaction searching are also available. Provided by UT Southwestern and the UT System Libraries.

   SciFinder Overview
   SciFinder Support and Training - Web-based
   SciFinder Web FAQ (UT Southwestern)


Multidisciplinary scientific database covering 25 million abstracts from over 14,000 titles across 4,000 publishers. Includes journal articles, patents, conference proceedings, and Web sites in the physical sciences, health sciences, life sciences, and social sciences. Covers journals from 1966 to the present.

   Scopus Help
   Scopus: Who is Citing Your Articles? (UT Southwestern Library)
   Who Is Citing Your Articles? (UT Southwestern Library)


A comprehensive, evidence-based clinical information resource, designed to give practical answers to clinicians at the point of care. Access is available for faculty, staff, students, residents, and fellows of UT Southwestern Medical Center, thanks to funding from the Office of the Dean, UT Southwestern Medical School.

   UpToDate Anywhere Help Demo
   UpToDate Anywhere: Quick Start and Reference Guide
   UpToDate Registration and Mobile Apps (UT Southwestern Library)