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Psychiatry Resources

Found 71 resources

  Academic Job Market
  All in the Mind - Podcasts
  American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  American Journal of Psychiatry - Audio Downloads/Podcasts
  American Psychiatric Association (APA)
  American Psychiatric Association Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders, 2006 (PsychiatryOnline) [Electronic Book]
  American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Psychiatry, 7th ed., 2019 (PsychiatryOnline) [Electronic Book]
  Anxiety Disorders
  Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments - Blog
  APA Job Bank
  APA PsycArticles® (APA PsycNET)
  APA PsycArticles® Training Videos (YouTube)
  APA PsycINFO: 1806 to the Present (Ovid)
  APA PsycINFO: 1987 to the Present (Ovid)
  APA PsycInfo® (APA PsycNET)
  APA PsycInfo® Training Videos (APA PsychNET on YouTube)
  APA PsycNET®
  Behavioral Health Library Guide (UT Southwestern Library)
  Bipolar Disorder: MedlinePlus
  Bipolar Disorders: Basic Mechanisms and Therapeutic Implications, 2000 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
  Case Files: Psychiatry, 6th ed. (Case Files® Collection) [Electronic Book]
  Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look
  Clinical Reference Guide
  Collective Expert Evaluation Reports, 2000- (NCBI) [Electronic Book]
  Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volumes 1 and 2 (Alexander Street Press)
  Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Psychiatry, 3rd ed., 2019 (AccessMedicine) [Electronic Book]
  Delirium: The Confused Patient in the Hospital (SAGE/UTSW)
  Depression Sourcebook, 2000 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-5®, 5th ed., 2013 (PsychiatryOnline) [Electronic Book]
  DSM-5® Clinical Cases, 1st ed., 2014 (PsychiatryOnline) [Electronic Book]
  DSM-5® Handbook of Differential Diagnosis, 2014 (PsychiatryOnline) [Electronic Book]
  Dual Diagnosis and Treatment: Substance Abuse and Comorbid Medical and Psychiatric Disorders,1997 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
  Ebooks about "behavioral health" -- UTSW Library Catalog
  Expert Consensus Guidelines
  Facts for Families
  Federation of Texas Psychiatry
  Geriatric Medicine: An Evidence Based Approach, 4th ed., 2003 (STAT!Ref) [Electronic Book]
  Great Ideas in Personality
  Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI): 1985 to the Present (Ovid)
  Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, 11th ed., 2019 (Books@Ovid) [Electronic Book]
  MDLinx Psychiatry
  Mental Health (MedlinePlus)
  Mind Hacks - Blog
  Mood Disorders Psychopharmacology Unit - Podcast
  National Institute of Mental Health
  Northeast Center for Special Care - Podcasts
  Older Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, 2nd ed., 2011 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
  On the Brain - Blog
  Panic Disorder and Its Treatment, 1998 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
  Personality Disorders in Older Adults: Emerging Issues in Diagnosis and Treatment, 1999 (eBooks on EBSCOhost) [Electronic Book]
  Principles of Medical Ethics, with Annotations Especially Applicable to Psychiatry
  Psychiatric Secrets Revealed with Dr. Mike: RSS Feed - Podcasts
  PsychiatryOnline: Create a Personal Account
  Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection (EBSCO)
  Quick Reference Guide: APA PsycInfo® (APA PsycNET)
  Rating Scales in Psychiatry
  Report of the Surgeon General's Conference on Children's Mental Health
  Royal College of Psychiatrists Podcasts
  Schatzberg's Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 9th ed., 2019 (PsychiatryOnline) [Electronic Book]
  Schizophrenia: MedlinePlus
  Science of Emotions
  Shrink Rap
  Treatment of Drug-Dependent Individuals With Comorbid Mental Disorders
  Valproic Acid
  Web of Addictions
  What Your Patients Need to Know About Psychiatric Medications, 3rd ed., 2017 (PsychiatryOnline) [Electronic Book]