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History of Medicine Collection

The Library’s History of Medicine collection covers the historical aspects of health care, with a focus on Texas and the United States. It includes online resources as well as resources in the Library.

For questions or for assistance in use of the collection, contact Cameron Kainerstorfer at 214-648-7675 or by email. In her absence, contact Library Administration at 214-648-2626.

Online Resources

Texas Physicians Historical Biographical Database

This database consists of citations to biographical information related to over 10,000 Texas physicians who practiced in Texas, or had strong historical connections to Texas.

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Photos in the History of Medicine

The most interesting images—mostly photographs—from the Library's Archives and History of Medicine collections have been digitized. Three digital collections are available:

Electronic Journals and Books

The Library's electronic journals and ebooks collection contains many titles relevant to the history of medicine.

Early History of Medicine in Dallas, 1841-1900

PDF file of this 1951 Master of Arts thesis by Mary Louise Giles.

Other Online Resources

Resources in the Library


The book collection contains primary and secondary resource books. Primary resource books are those which—through their groundbreaking content—have influenced the development of medicine and health care. Secondary resource books are descriptive, presenting discoveries, individuals, institutions and events which have played a role in the evolution of health care. Use the Library's online catalog to identify books on your desired topic, or consult with Cameron Kainerstorfer at at 214-648-7675.


The Library owns a small collection of artifacts, most dating from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Examples include microscopes, boxed sets of surgical instruments, pharmaceutical containers, and medicine kits. Photos of two categories of artifacts can be found on the Library web site:

Document Files

The Library has a small group of files of clippings and miscellaneous documents. The files cover:

  • Dallas and Texas medical history
  • Illustrations of medical instruments


Medical journals from the late 1800s and early 1900s are housed in the History of Medicine area. Search the Library’s online catalog by the title of the desired journal to learn if the Library owns it.

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